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Dogwood Critter Care, formerly known as Pet Care by Eli, has been serving Boone, NC and surrounding communities since 2018. Dogwood Critter Care is a labor of love owned and operated by Eli Chamberlain.

We are a small team based operation passionate about individualized pet care especially with our feline friends in mind. Boarding is often a ‘one size fits all’ solution for cat care and very rarely is it best suited for our kitty’s wellbeing. Boarding can be a very stressful event for both you and your cat. Cats are creatures of habit and are often resistant to change. Some of the common issues we see with cats that are stressed include behavioral changes, becoming withdrawn, going off their food and often a change in their urinary habits. Each cat is unique and has different needs for comfort and safety. We aim to provide a stress free experience for you and your pets, tailored to their specific needs. You can travel and know that your critters are well cared for and comfortable with Dogwood Critter Care.


Don’t leave your beloved pets in uncertain hands when you’re away – choose our trusted pet care services today! We’re committed to providing your furry friends with the love and care they deserve, tailored to their specific needs. Reach out now to ensure your pets enjoy a stress-free and pleasant experience while you’re apart.

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